Nationwide Title IX Sexual Assault Attorneys

If you have been subject of unlawful sexual assault or harassment on a college campus nationwide, let one of our experienced Title IX attorneys clearly explain your rights. We will inform you of your options and guide you through the legal process.

We represent student nationwide who have experienced a sexual assault. When you believe that you have been harmed on campus, it is in your best interest to work with an attorney who has experience with representing students nationwide in Title IX actions.

What is Title IX?

Students have the right to be free of sexual violence and unlawful harassment on college campuses nationwide. All colleges have a legal duty to create a safe educational environment for students under Title IX. Schools are required to follow specific measures in sexual misconduct cases to prevent such acts in the future.

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Impact of Title IX

Through a Title IX lawsuit, survivors of sexual assault can help create a safer school environment for their students. In addition, students can get help in recovering from the emotional and financial toll the assault took.

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True Stories

Your Title IX Rights

Title IX provides protections for victims of sexual violence or sexual harassment. Title IX requires schools to appropriately respond to allegations of sexual assault and harassment. Colleges have a proactive duty to address, remedy, and eliminate sexual violence on their campuses.

If your school fails to comply with the Title IX requirements or retaliates against you for reporting the sexual assault, you have legal rights and options.

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